Beginning their trade by the simple curiosities that little boys possess, Puppetry of the Penis does exactly what it says on the tin, writes Colin Sweetman

Many would find it difficult to imagine making even one different shape with male genitalia, but entertainers Simon Morley and David ‘Friendy’ Friend have managed to make a living out of it.

Simon relates to it as “a bit of a party trick” in which he would “keep his pants off to entertain guests”. It began years ago, when his brother showed him ‘the Hamburger’ (which actually looks like a hamburger – sesames included). This in turn prompted him to create a whole repertoire of ‘Dick Tricks’, known to him as “polishing the turd”.

After a few months of trying to sell calendars of his work, Simon decided to team-up with Friendy in 1997. At this time, Friendy was similarly making a living out of genital display at Hen parties.
The duo now hope to debut a new trick at the Bulmers International Comedy Festival called ‘the Pregnant Lady’: “we’ve played the Olympia four years in a row now. It’s definitely our favourite gig to play in Europe”. This is probably because it never fails to sell-out every year.

At some stage during their career (and as their act can cause offence to some viewers) the pair has high ambitions to perform in front of the Queen for a royal, 8-inch salute.

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