Due to an increase in Dissident Republican activity, strong checkpoints are to be installed around the border. However, the checkpoints will remain vigilante of all crimes. These latest measures may also be due in part to the finding of a bomb-making factory near Mount Pleasant.

Justice Minister Dermot Ahern and Northern Justice Secretary Owen Patterson met at the border last night to discuss the new arrangements on tighter border security.

Checkpoints on the border are to increase as a result of the threat from Dissident Republicans.

Justice Minister Dermot Ahern confirmed the moves after meeting with the new Northern Secretary last night.

It comes after a report on Wednesday which said the threat of violence from groups like the Real and Continuity IRA has risen considerably.

Minister Ahern and Owen Patterson met near the border last night, just miles from where a bomb-making factory was discovered last weekend.

The Minister says the checkpoints will target all forms of crime.