What’s it like being a world famous boxer?

I don’t really think about it that much. I’m just happy to be were I am so I just take these things in my stride really.

If the Olympics were tomorrow would you be ready for it?

Well the European Championships are in three weeks so I’m already getting ready for that at the moment. So if I’m ready for that I’d like to think that I could be ready for anything. At the moment though I’m just concentrating on the next three weeks.

Do you need competitions to motivate you to train?

No I train all year round and I make every training session count. But, I guess I always have competitions coming up around the corner so it’s hard to say.

Is the pressure ever too much to handle?

Sometimes yes it can be overwhelming and the pressure can mount up.

What was it like meeting Tinie Tempah and doing a TV ad with Lucozade?

Yeah it was brilliant, it was actually filmed over in LA.

Are you a fan of his music?

I am, I actually bought a few of his songs before.

What about Travis Barker?

I knew who he was but I don’t really listen to Blink 182 or anything. Still, it’s amazing to watch him drum, it’s an unbelievable thing to see. The ad took three days to film so they had me punching a bag for three days straight.

How do you think you’ll do at the Olympics?

I still have to pass and qualify first. Even my friends bought tickets for the finals already and I haven’t even qualified yet so, no pressure!

Do you know your competition?

Yes I pretty much know my competition, obviously the Chinese, Russian and the Americans are particularly tough.

So if you were worried, it would be about them?

I don’t get worried about any particular opponent, I get worried about every fight really. I have to get prepared for every fight – every opponent is a different challenge.

How do you celebrate?

I’m not really one for celebrating much, just getting my hand put up at the end of a fight is good enough for me. I suppose I like going out afterwards for a meal with my family.

So you don’t drink?

No I don’t drink at all. I’ll go to a nightclub and drink a few 7ups and all that but it’s just not for me.