Hello readers!

Today I want to talk about optimizemysite.com – a web service that not only checks your search engine rankings, but also provides very useful information about your website’s trust and security.

I’ve only just started using it, but I will post more details here giving you a very good insight:


OptimizeMySite is a free website analysis tool that is perfect whether you’ve got years of SEO experience, or just want to make some improvements on your website.

How It Works:

Just enter the url for the page you’d like to audit.
Enter the keyword that the page focuses on
Run Your Report (It Doesn’t Take Long)
Review Your Report!

Once you receive your report, the fun starts. OptimizeMySite shows you categories where you’re excelling and where you need more work. Categories include web page address, page scores, title tag, description tag, heading tags, copy analysis, image analysis, social and mobile analysis, code, page size, page link and domain analysis. Inside each of these categories, you’ll find the areas you need to improve.

OptimizeMySite also gives you your rankings, and shows you how to improve your score with plenty of help, faqs, and more. Whether you’re you’re experienced in SEO or just looking to increase you’re visibility in the search engines for your new website/blog that you’ve set up, OptimizeMySite is one tool you’ll want to use.

Visit OptimizeMySite at http://optimizemysite.com/

Find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/optimizemysite