It’s the end of a long day, and you decide to settle down with a nice pint of Guinness. You wait patiently at the bar and say, in a most venerate approach, “pint of Guinness please”. But then, you slowly watch as the barman quickly cripples the most defining part of your day. “Only in Dublin”, you think, as the slow realisation comes to you that the barman is not in fact a barman, and that your pint is not, indeed, a pint.

Sam Waters, a fellow UCD student and a man with many years in the trade, could teach them a thing or two about achieving the ‘Perfect Pint’, an art almost lost during the Celtic Tiger years.

From the tap:
1. Always use Guinness glass; never anything else.
2. Ensure the glass is at room temperature.
3. Tilt glass to a 45˚ angle.
4. Ensure that spout of tap never touches glass.
5. Aim flow of beer towards the harp logo until three-quarters full.
6. Leave it to settle for exactly one minute and twenty seconds.
7. Top off by pushing lever all the way back.
8. Let Guinness settle for thirty seconds before drinking.

You can also use this method when pouring from a can or bottle, but never drink directly from either.

Some Guinness cocktails:
Black Velvet
16oz Guinness
16oz Cider (or champagne for the deluxe version)
Most likely to be consumed: in Germany

Black Bull
16oz Guinness
16oz Red Bull
Most likely to be consumed: in Jamaica by world record-shattering athletes

Hangman’s Blood:
5oz Guinness
1oz gin
1oz rum
1oz whiskey
1oz brandy
1oz port
4oz Champagne
Most likely to be consumed: by deceased alcoholic poetry snob Anthony Burgess.

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