Many locals came out last Monday to protest against the actions of Israel’s government upon the Flotillas heading towards the Gaza Strip. The protest was spear-headed by Thomas Sharkey, and their main objectives included the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Ireland and the extra relief and support to citizens ‘imprisoned” in Gaza.

Sharkey spoke out for the protesters: “Nineteen people were butchered last night on a ship carrying humanitarian aid. The Israeli Defence Forces have staged their own Bloody Sunday last night. The Rachel-Corry Flotilla was held behind, and was therefore not towed to a prisoner camp like the other flotillas. The Israeli ambassador met with our government to excuse his country of the deaths of 19 people on international waters. The only thing that is left is for our government to sack the Israeli ambassador to send a clear message to Israel that countries carrying aid won’t be subjected to that kind of treatment.”

The protest ended with a group photo-shoot beside the Court House so that they could send word back to the Rachel-Corrie that the people of Dundalk fully supported their rights to provide humanitarian aid without fear of violence or attack.