1) 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die

A celebration of the history of comic books, this visually-amazing collection is a must-read for fans and newbies alike (before you draw that terminal breath of course!). Normally, pre-death obligations are totally impossible adventures that would take a normal human being a mini-lifetime to complete. The beauty of this book? It’s short, highly entertaining and above all, a plausible task. This volume is the perfect introduction to a dynamic and globally popular medium, suitable for all ages and ranging in style from manga to webcomix. Absolutely perfect for leaving around the bathroom floor so your guests have supreme in-toilet entertainment.

Available October 3rd, Rizzoli, €26.40

2) Places We Play

Why are sporting sites located in particular places, and how have they changed over time? What battles were fought in this arena, and how many memories of screams, cheers and shouts have been memorised in the minds of the people? Why is there now a supermarket on the site of the first All-Ireland Hurling final? If you ponder these questions, the authors of this book promise to quench your curiosity by giving a detailed digestion on the impact of railways, the military, landed wealth, local tradesmen and national politics on the development of the present sporting landscape. One for the ‘sports mad’.

Available October 10th, Collins Press, €19.99

3) Ghosts of the Faithful Departed

Since the years of the Famine, immigration has affected whole communities year-in-year-out. This collection of photographs taken by Corkman David Creedon shows how time can have a devastating effect on the preserve of dwellings dotted throughout the country. Most of the occupancies of these homes could be dated by a newspaper or calendar, but after being abandoned, fell into disrepair and eventually became reminders of a bygone era. The author uses ‘Ghosts’ in the title in order to refer to feeling like an intruder disturbing the spirits that haunt every room in these unoccupied houses.

Available October 10th, Collins Press, €24.99