Gig of the Fortnight:
The Wailers – 13.02.09 – UCD Student Bar – €27.50

Even though it has been almost 32 years since the release of Bob Marley’s magnum opus Exodus, the band still feel it necessary to celebrate thirtieth anniversary – and why not? It was considered by TIME magazine to be the album of the twentieth century, with unforgettable songs such as ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘Jamming’ and ‘One Love’ – without doubt it will continue to flourish. Although Bob Marley’s voice will be sorely missed, it was recreated superbly at Glastonbury 2007 by the Marley Brothers and we can only hope that the Wailers match this high standard. In spite of their missing band mate, the Wailers offer you a wail of a time…*groan*. The Wailers are best seen with a cheap plastic cup of beer in one hand and a Jamaican flag in the other, so the Student bar should surely be the perfect venue.

Lordi –15.02.09 – The Button Factory – €22

Here’s one for Eurovision fans, metal heads and even curious members of the general public. Go for a giggle if you must, but remember that these would-be monsters take their trade seriously – requests for make-up tips may not be appreciated. If you rate ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ above classics such as our own ‘Irelande Douze Points’ and whatever it was that Dervish did, then no doubt you’ll feel right at home. Costume dress is optional.

Amanda Palmer – 16.02.09 – The Sugar Club – €16.50

One half of the theatrical Dresden Dolls, it has been said that Palmer is “loved by all gay men and straight women”, but this tells us next to nothing about the music of this punk cabaret queen. Palmer is an intensely humorous character and this trait carries over into her often whimsical lyrics and her animated facial expressions. It is with this expressive talent that she leads her audience, so prepare to be carried away in what promises to be a an emotional rollercoaster of a gig.

Habib Koité – 18.02.09 – National Concert Hall – €16

Hailing from Mali in west Africa, Koité and his backing band, Bamada make for a stimulating rhythmic group. Chances are that if you appreciate Kila, you will love these musicians just as much. You might not have heard of them but you will probably recognise the songs, ‘I Ka Barra’ and ‘Din Din Wo’, which were pre-installed on Windows Vista as sample music. Go ahead, give it a try.

The View – 24.02.09 – The Academy – €21.50

After rising to fame following their debut album Hats Off To The Buskers, The View dominated the music scene as one of the promising bands to come out of 2007. Their Top Five hit ‘Same Jeans’ swiftly made them the most lovable beardless band in Scotland. They are however, the kind of band teeny-boppers scream their lungs out for. If you’re a twenty-something male university student who was unfortunate enough to possess a ticket for this date, advice is given to toss it over your nearest railing.

Villagers -21.02.09– Crawdaddy – €10

If you want to support some home-grown talent attempting to break the bigtime, then you can’t do much better than Villagers. Formerly of The Immediate, Conor O’Brien’s new band play to the underground at Crawdaddy and ask only for a tenner in return. If his last band was anything to go by, this should make for a splendid gig – it’s time to get your Irish indie on again.

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